Module 10: The Past, Present, and Future of DH

Module 10 is intended to bring us full circle and to think about not just what is DH but what will be DH, and history more generally, in the future. This reading list will be updated if I run into anything new and relevant to the future of DH during the course of the semester.


1. Julianne Nyhan and Andrew Flinn, “Introduction,” in Computation and the Humanities: Towards an Oral History of Digital Humanities (Springer, 2016), 1-19.

2. Elizabeth Callaway, et al, “The Push and Pull of Digital Humanities: Topic Modeling the ‘What is digital humanities?’ Genre,” Digital Humanities Quarterly 14, no 1 (2020).

3. Roopika Risam, “Beyond the Margins: Intersectionality and the Digital Humanities,” DHQ 9.2 (2015).

4. Katrina Anderson, et al. “Student Labour and Training in Digital Humanities,” DHQ 10.1 (2016).

5. participate in the Slack discussion

Technical Activities

1. None! Finish those projects!