Module 3: Project and Data Management

Module 3 will introduce you to the basics of project management and data management. The readings and discussion will help you think about how projects are run both in the digital humanities and in the humanities more generally. The technical activities will encourage you to explore a few project management tools you might use or encounter.


1. watch my presentation on project and data management (available on class Basecamp)

2. read Edin Tabak, “A Hybrid Model for Managing DH Projects,” Digital Humanities Quarterly 11, no 1 (2017).

3. read Gabrielle Griffin and Matt Steven Hayler, “Collaboration in Digital Humanities Research – Persisting Silences,” Digital Humanities Quarterly 12, no 1 (2018).

4. read “Sustainable and FAIR Data Sharing in the Humanities” ALLEA Report (2020).

5. OPTIONAL: read the National Endowment for Humanities’ Digital Humanities Advancement Grants Notice of Funding Opportunity. How do the requirements of the grant application help ensure potential projects (and its data) will be managed appropriately?

6. use the Slack channel to make note of your thoughts as you read and complete these exercises; depending on how many people are completing this optional module, this may or may not turn into an active discussion (that’s okay).

Technical Activities

1. create a new project in the course Basecamp and explore the six tools available within the project (Message Board, To-dos, Docs & Files, Campfire, Schedule, Automatic Check-ins). A purple circle should pop up in the lower left hand corner of your screen to help you walk through this process if you want help. What can you do with a Basecamp project? How might it help you run a DH project?

2. EITHER pick one of the sample work plans in the Docs & Files folder of the 2021 Fall HIST 696 Team and set up your Basecamp project as if you were implementing that work plan OR collaborate with your final project group to set up the Basecamp project for your group (feel free to rename your project while you’re at it.)

3. sign up for a Trello account and try to recreate your project there. How does Trello compare to Basecamp? How might one work better than another for different kinds of projects?

4. EITHER create a data management plan for your personal and/or work computer (What would the “ideal” plan be? What is a realistic plan given your currently available time and other resources?) OR use the DMP tool to create a data management plan for either a hypothetical DH project or your final project (check the box that says it is a test plan and select the NEH as the funder).